Incredible buildings, breathtaking landmarks, a fantastic shopping festival (of course), and friendly locals contribute to the City of Gold'''s stellar reputation.

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Incredible buildings, breathtaking landmarks, a fantastic shopping festival (of course), and friendly locals contribute to the City of Gold'''s stellar reputation.

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Dubai Tour Visa by Kite Star Tourism

Dubai Tour Visa

Dubai Tour Visa by Kite Star Tourism is a brand trusted across the United Arab Emirates regarding complete and up-to-date Dubai visa services. Whether you want to sightsee in Dubai or pay a visit to loved ones who live there, as respected travel agents for Dubai visa, we offer the best visa options for your specific needs. As per your specific travel needs, we may assist you in obtaining a single- or multiple-entry Dubai visa using our online system.

Our specialized visa team offers you the most genuine and high-quality visa solutions, backed by years of experience in all areas of Dubai's visit visa and immigration processes. They will take into account your specific trip details, provide the best visa package for you, help you gather the necessary paperwork, and oversee the process until you have your Dubai tourist visa.

Contact our expert visa experts for assistance with your Dubai visit or tourist visa application. Allow them to remove any hassle and make applying for a Dubai visitor's visa online a breeze.

How to Apply for Dubai Tour Visa?

Tourists/Visitors/Applicants visiting Dubai can apply through our travel agency for Dubai visit visa or by contacting us on WhatsApp with the following documents -

  • Fill and Submit Dubai visa application form that is duly filled out and signed on your website or via WhatsApp.
  • Upload a recent passport-size photograph taken on white background
  • Attach scanned copies of the passport's front and last pages
  • Attach scanned copies of confirmed return air tickets
  • end Payment on the secured link to make Dubai visa fees payment online once all documents are verified by our support team.
How To Apply For Dubai Visa

All SET! Now our support team will process your visa and keep you updated. And once your Dubai visa is approved, our support team will send and update you on the registered email and WhatsApp number. But in some cases, visas might get rejected or some more documents might be required by UAE Immigration Department. So in these cases, being a leading visa agency in Dubai, we will contact you and update you with reasons detailing the reason for the cancellation of your visa application or the reason for asking for more documents whatever it is.

Why Choose Dubai Tour Visa

Why Choose Dubai Tour Visa for your UAE Visa?

When applying for a Dubai visa online, only the 'Dubai Tour visa' by Kite Star Tourism takes such a personal approach to guarantee your success at each and every step.

Get your Dubai tourist visa hassle-free and at the lowest possible price from us, whether you're an Indian or a citizen of another country. In addition, we have extensive experience with various visas, so you can be confident that your trip to Dubai will go off without a hitch.

Your questions about applying for a visa to Dubai may be sent online, or you can phone our visa specialists for one-on-one guidance. This way, our customers may get all the information they need to apply for a Dubai visa, including a thorough understanding of the precise visit conditions that must be met.

We'll email you a JPG or PDF of your accepted visa as soon as we get it. It will be ideal if you produce proof of your authorized Dubai visa at the airport's immigration office. Express visa services are available for people who want a visa in as little as three business days.


Aditi Kapoor

Loved loved loved the experience of booking activities through Kite Tourism. Gulshan bhai is readily available at all times and he gives the best rates. I am an avid traveler and research a lot before booking activities and day trips. He provides rates better than Klook and Get Your Guide apps even which are known to offer great discounts on online bookings. I booked all my activities in Dubai including the desert safari through him. Even the day trip to Abu Dhabi was booked through him. The best part is I could pay him in cash at the end of my trip. It was a very hassle-free experience for me and my friends. He's your go-to person for booking any activities and day trips in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Just go for him.

Swati Adarkar

Kite Star Tourism helped us with tickets and last minute bookings. Best prices and instant services. Really helpful. Definitely recommended. Will surely pass on to some of my friends visiting DXB.

Sandeep Thakur

I am delighted to share my positive experience with Dubai Tour Visa, a leading provider of Dubai visa services. As someone who has traveled extensively, I can attest to the fact that obtaining a visa can often be a time-consuming and frustrating process. However, my experience with Dubai Tour Visa was exceptional, and I highly recommend their services to anyone who needs a Dubai visa.

Akshay Kumar

The team at Dubai Tour Visa is highly knowledgeable, efficient, and friendly. They helped me navigate the entire process with ease, answering all my questions and providing helpful advice along the way. From submitting my application to receiving my visa, everything was handled smoothly and professionally.

Ravi Singh

I was impressed with the level of communication I received from Dubai Tour Visa throughout the process. They kept me updated on the status of my application and ensured that I had all the necessary documents and information required for a successful application. Their attention to detail and commitment to customer service is truly commendable.

Kajal Gupta

I am extremely satisfied with my experience with Dubai Tour Visa. Their expertise, professionalism, and personalized approach made the entire process stress-free and seamless. I highly recommend their services to anyone in need of a Dubai visa. Thank you, Dubai Tour Visa, for making my travel dreams a reality!

Why Booking With Us?

There are many seasons that you must travel with us.

Best Booking Experience

Ease of booking, fantastic products and competitive pricing makes the booking experience amazing.

Dedicated Customer Support

From the moment a reservation is made until our traveler's return home, we provide 24x7 on-trip support.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The government will grant you a specific visa or entrance permission depending on your reason for traveling to the United Arab Emirates. The reason varies from entrance permits, such as business visas, tourist visas, transit visas, student visas, retirement visas, visas for GCC citizens, and patient and companion entry permits. Visas for legitimate business purposes.

What kind of visa you need to enter the United Arab Emirates is determined by your country of origin. Some nationalities may visit the UAE without a visa, while others can receive one when they arrive.

As an international traveler, you might be eligible for a visa upon arrival. The visa application and supporting documentation are typically presented to immigration officials upon arrival at the airport.

A full-color passport picture. Scanned copy of your passport's first and last page in color (must be valid for six months) A printed version of your flight ticket and hotel voucher. Visit https://www.dubaitourvisa/visa-requirements.html for detailed information on Dubai visa requirements.

Your application for a visa to Dubai and the required supporting papers may be submitted to us via Our WhatsApp no. or our email. You may also drop the paperwork off at our office, send it through courier, or send it via mail. We will go to your Dubai location and pick up the necessary paperwork there if you prefer.

The Dubai visa application process might be made more accessible if you have friends or family already living there. But they'll need to provide copies of their bank statement, visa, and passport (all of which must be valid for a quarter year).

All visas other than multiple entry visas are valid for single entry only. With a multiple entry visa, you can travel in and out of Dubai as many times as you wish, however only within the visa’s validity term, which is 30 days or 60 days.

The Dubai visa fee will depend on the Dubai visa package you choose. Prices range from USD 170 for a tourist visa for a single entrance to USD 400 for a multiple-entry tourist visa to Dubai.

The short answer is "Yes," however there are certain exceptions.

The short answer is "yes," however there are certain exceptions.

You may only remain in Dubai for a maximum of 60 days, depending on the specifics of your visa package.

A 60-day visa for Dubai will set you back about USD 170 for a single entrance and around USD 400 for multiple entries within that period.

Before applying for a Dubai visa, you must have at least USD 900 in your bank account.

Visit and chat or speak with our visa specialists, who will assist you in selecting the appropriate visa and guiding you through the process to ensure timely approval.

A single-entry visa is what it sounds like a visa that only enables you to enter the country once. If you leave Dubai before your visa expires, you must reapply for a visa to return to Dubai.

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