Difference Between 30 days multi entry visa vs 60 days multi-entry visa

The opportunities that the Gulf lands have to offer are endless. This is the reason why it has become a hotspot for tourists and people from all over the world. The country is also changing because of the increase in tourists from all over the world in terms of economic and social spheres. To ease down on the barriers that hamper the free flow of tourists, the Dubai government has come up with 30 days and 60 days for multiple tourist visas.

The 30 and 60 days of multiple tourist visas allow the tourists to enter the country multiple times within a span of said number of days. This has been done to reduce the hassle it takes to get visas renewed every time and to cut down the continuous costs. The recurring costs include the cost of reapplying for the visas.

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Ease has been provided to the process and is less costly for tourists who enter the country multiple times. The rules and regulations for all the countries to obtain the multiple entry tourist visa are the same regardless of what country they belong to.

The single-entry and double-entry tourist visas can be extended twice within 30 days. The multiple-entry tourist visa is offered for two periods- 30 days and 60 days

The two can be differentiated on two bases:

  • Fees
  • Processing time

What is a multiple-entry tourist visa?

What is a multiple-entry tourist visa?

The applicant is required to enter the country within the specified time (30 days or 60 days) as soon as the e-copy of the visa is issued. 

The UAE multi-entry visa is different from the multi-entry visa of other countries as it is valid only for 30 or 60 days (whichever the tourist owns) from the first date of entry.

Working on the UAE multiple entry visa

Working of the UAE multiple entry visa

The multiple entry visa of the UAE works differently. First, it is issued within 2 days from the date of application. In total, it takes 30 days to get the visa approved. After the visa is approved. The person must enter the country within 60 days of the issue of the visa. Once they enter the country, they can only enter and exit within the said time frame.

The process to get the visa

The process to obtain the multiple entry tourist visa consists of the following steps:

1. Transfer of documents

The required documents must be sent to the relevant parties involved in making the visa. 

The process to get the visa

2. Making payments

Payments should be made to acquire the visa. The payment must be done in due time. It can be done either by bank transfer or by visiting the office of the concerned authority

3. The visa is ready!

The visa is ready and an e-copy of the visa will be handed over to you within 24-48 hours.

What is a 30-day multiple-entry visa?

What is a 30-day multiple-entry visa?

The 30 Days Multiple Entry Dubai Visa is the one which has a validity of a total of 58 days starting from the date of its issuance. The visa is often known as a short-term visa that can be extended twice. The extension can be done for 30 days each time. The extensions are chargeable at the rate of 850 AED per extension.

It must be noted that the visa once used cannot get canceled and you are supposed to wait till it expires again.

A person possessing this visa can enter and exit the country multiple times for 30 days or can stay in the country for the entire 30 day period.

There are no express visa services available for the 30-day visa.  

The fee for a 30-day multi-entry visa

The 30-day multiple entry visa costs around 990 AED and the nationals of certain countries are required to get some amount of security deposit.

What is the processing time for the 30-day multi-entry visa?  

The time taken to process the visa for 30 days is 48-32 hours. This is just an idea of the time but sometimes it can be extended and it may take longer than expected due to the application and approvals.  

What is a 60-day multiple-entry visa?

The 60 Days Multiple Entry Dubai Visa is similar to the 30 days multiple entry tourist visa. It is valid for 58 days from the date of issuance. So, the person who possesses this visa must visit the UAE in this specified timeframe, or otherwise, the visa will expire.

It is extended twice by giving an extension fee of 850 AED each time. The extension is granted for 30 days each time.

The fee for 60-day multiple-entry visa

The visa fee for a 60 Days Multiple Entry Dubai Visa is 1190 AED. The costs are varied since they are exclusive of taxes. The additional costs of extension are also charged which is about 850 AED.     

Processing time of the 60-day multiple-entry visa

The processing time for a 60 Days Multiple Entry Dubai Visa is about 3-4 days. But it is just a timeline which is just an idea. The actual time may take a little longer due to the application process in certain cases. And sometimes due to immigration approval.

Documents required

To obtain the visa for a 30 and 60 Days Multiple Entry Dubai Visa, one must submit the said documents. The documents may vary from place. The major common documents required are as follows:

1. Confirmed return tickets: the applicant must submit the confirmed tickets from the country of his residence to the UAE and back.

2. Copy of the bio page: the passport holder needs to submit a copy of the bio page. The one which has your photograph and personal details. The photocopy must be colored. If a lack and white coy are submitted, it will be rejected.

3. Last page of passport: a photocopy of the last page of the passport is also required to be submitted to the concerned authorities. It is mandatory since it holds a lot of info regarding the applicant. But the last page is subjective in the case of every country since not all countries’ passports have info.

4. Residence proof: the applicant is required to submit residency proof for getting the visa.

Now that there is all the necessary information about both visas, one can easily make the difference between the two. 

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