Step-by-Step Guide For Applying UAE Family Visa in 2024

UAE is the best location for business, setup, healthcare, education, and also for living with a family. If you love the nature, atmosphere, and culture of the UAE, or want to settle here with your family then you need to get a UAE family visa to stay here forever with family. Additionally, getting this visa has become simple after 2019. The UAE government excluded the prerequisites for working in several industries to get a family visa in the UAE in 2019. If you want to get this type of visa that permits you to bring your family to love with you in the UAE. than make an application for a family visa. 

Many factors make this country best for family living or a vacation spot. The UAE has a variety of attractions and activities for people of all ages. UAE delivers everything for everyone to enjoy. Here you see the tallest building in the world, amusement parks, retail sectors, etc. Another things that make this place to live with children is, that there are numerous foreign schools. Many families choose UAE from all over the world, to live safely. The UAE government delivers many other facilities and services for foreign citizens. So if you also choose Dubai to live with your family then we deliver a complete guide to get a UAE family visa. 

What is the Dubai Family Visa? 

What is the Dubai Family Visa

A UAE visa permits an individual to live with their family, including their parents, kids, and siblings. A UAE residency visa will be issued to the sponsored family members, permitting them to remain and work in the UAE. This UAE visa is the finest choice for any individual to move to the UAE at least temporarily because it is extendable for a further three years. There are numerous things to keep in mind. Apply a UAE family visa requires many things, the partner must have a different sex than the UAE national or resident. The applicant must submit an application form, a copy of their passport, and a photo to make an application for the visa. The applicant for the visa may work in the UAE but they must gain a work permit from the Ministry of Labor. 

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With a UAE family visa, you can study without requiring a student visa, but you are required to register with the Ministry of Education. Yet, families can easily live and work in the UAE with the help of the UAE family visa. They get an opportunity to experience every service that the UAE government delivers. 

Steps to Apply for a Family Visa 

1. Gather Required Documents

Gather Required Documents

Before you can make an application for a family visa in the UAE, you will be required to gather several documents including: 

  • A valid passport for the family member you are sponsoring
  • A copy of your Emirates ID card
  • A copy of your valid residence visa
  • A copy of your tenancy contract or title deeds
  • A copy of your salary certificate or proof of income
  • A copy of your marriage certificate 
  • A copy of your birth certificate 
  • A copy of your child’s passport 
  • A copy of your child’s birth certificate 

2. Fill Out the Application Form

Fill Out the Application Form

Once you collect all the required documents, you will required to fill out the application form for a family visa. This application form can be found on the website of the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) in the emirate where you are based. Fill in the necessary information about yourself and your family in the form. And also fill complete detailed about your job and salary. 

Yet, some applicants may be unable to complete this paperwork, then they are required to hire a trusted visa agency like Dubai Tour Visa. They can assist you with collecting all the needed documents and make your visa process easy. 

3. Submit the Application and Pay the Fees

Submit the Application and Pay the Fees

Once you complete your application form, then you are required to submit it with all the needed documents and pay the relevant fees. The visa fees will rely on the type of visa you are applying for and the visa period. 

4. Wait for the Decision

Wait for the Decision

You will be required to wait for a judgment after you have presented your application. The visa processing time is typically two weeks. You will be notified of the decision by email or SMS. 

5. Collect the Family Visa

Collect the Family Visa

You must get your family visa from the GDRFA office if your application is approved. You will required to take your passport and the original version of the documents that you submit with your application. When you get the visa, you will be required to take it to the airport along with the family member’s passport so they easily enter the UAE

6. Complete Medical Tests

Complete Medical Tests

When you and your family enter the UAE, they must complete a medical test within 90 days. Keep in mind that the test must be conducted at an approved medical center. 

7. Apply for a Residence Visa

Apply for Residence Visa

You will be required to make an application for a residence visa for the family member when the medical test is complete. Once the Dubai family visa is permitted, the family members will be able to live and work in the UAE. 

Some Benefits of Having a Family Visa in the UAE 

  • Increased Support and Companionship- Living with family can deliver security and emotional support, which is most important in a foreign country. 
  • Access to Education and Healthcare- When you get a UAE family visa, your family members can do UAE’s education and get healthcare systems. 
  • Sponsorship Opportunities- In the UAE, a citizen with a family visa can sponsor family members for residency, completing it more leisurely for them to get employment and other services. 
  • Increased Security- Having a family visa permits your family members to have legal status in the UAE and permits them to access their rights and benefits. 

In the UAE, having a UAE family visa delivers a more long-lasting and safe atmosphere for the resident and their family. It can also deliver opportunities for education, employment, and other activities. With a trusted visa agency, like Dubai Tour Visa, this procedure becomes so easy. 

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