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The UAE Visa from Vietnam necessitates specific visa requirements for Vietnamese citizens visiting the UAE. To get a UAE e-visa for Vietnamese citizens, these visa services need Vietnam to contour the vital steps and documents. In the context of the bilateral connections between the two nations, the UAE delivers several types of visas customized to furnish different aims of travel, including tourism, enterprise, and family visits.

Vietnamese citizens, who want to travel to the UAE must follow the customized visa needs, which include a comprehensive visa application form, a valid passport with a special validity period, a passport-sized photograph, evidence of sufficient finances, and also a confirmed itinerary and accommodation details. It’s vital to remember that visa requirements for Vietnamese citizens may rely on the type of visa they are making an application for.

By diligently adhering to the UAE visa requirements for Vietnamese citizens, people can confirm a graceful and booming visa application procedure, permitting them to appreciate their stay in the UAE for numerous goals.

How to Apply for a UAE Visa for Vietnamese Citizens?

Apply for a UAE Visa for Vietnamese Citizens

1. Go through Our Website- Visit UAE Visa Online

2. Choose your living and Citizenship Country – You have the option to select your current location and the country to which you intend to travel for vacation, business, or any other purpose.

3. Select Types of Visa and Then Select Visa – Select the type of visa you require, then choose the specific visa options like 30 days single entry visa, 60 days single entry visa, 30 days multiple entry visa, 60 days multiple entry visa, etc.

4. Fill Out the UAE Visa Application Form – To make an application for a UAE visa, you are required to fill out the UAE Visa Application Form. This form adds vital details about your trip. Fulfill it correctly and simply to detour any delays or difficulties in your visa application.

5. Pay Visa Fee – After fulfilling the visa application form, paying visa fees is the next vital step in the visa application procedure. You need to present the demanded fee to protect processing and executive costs associated with their visa request.

6. Track Visa Status & Download Visa – You receive a confirmation mail with your application ID, after paying the payment. Securing this application ID is vital because it assists track your UAE visa status. Once your visa is authorized, you will be able to download it, and we will also email you a copy of your visa.

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Types of Dubai, UAE VISA From VIETNAM

Types of Dubai, UAE VISA From VIETNAM

Vietnamese citizens looking to discover the wonders of the UAE have numerous visa types, each customized to different travel purposes. Whether you’re planning a relaxing vacation, delving into a business opportunity, or pondering an extended stay, here are some key UAE visa options to consider:

1. Transit Visa – A Dubai Transit Visa for Vietnamese citizens is a visa that permits them to stay briefly in a country while tourists are on a path to their final destination. For instance, Vietnamese citizens who book flights with a stopover in the UAE to other countries can advantage of a Transit Visa. This visa permits them to visit the UAE’s attractions, culture, and hospitality during their stopover, boosting their overall travel experience.

2. Tourist Visa – The UAE tourist visa for Vietnamese nationals delivers an incredible chance to discover the amazing appeals of the country. With dedicated efforts to boost tourism, the UAE offers a streamlined process for acquiring tourist visas, guaranteeing a hassle-free experience for Vietnamese travelers. As a part of the UAE’s dedication to welcoming tourists, the tourist visa application procedure can usually be completed online, coinciding with the comfort of modern travel.

3. Visit Visa – The UAE visit visa for Vietnam delivers an incredible possibility to discover notable landscapes and amazing culture. The UAE visit visa cost for Vietnamese citizens relies on the duration of stay and the type of visa picked, such as a short-term tourist visa or a longer-term visa. This visit visa permits Vietnamese citizens to blend themselves in the UAE’s different experiences, from the stunning skyscrapers of Dubai to the rich cultural heritage of Abu Dhabi.

UAE Visa Fees for Vietnamese in 2024

UAE Visa Fees for Vietnamese in 2024

The UAE visa fees for Vietnamese, adding the UAE visit visa fee for Vietnamese nationals, relying on the type and duration of the visa. Along with this, the cost of a UAE visa for Vietnamese citizens also be affected by factors such as the purpose of the visit and any additional services opted for during the application procedure. To get the right cost of a visa, you need to connect with us. You will receive the most precise and up-to-date data about UAE visa prices for Vietnamese in 2024. Vietnamese citizens can smoothly plan their travel outlay and confirm a straightforward visa application procedure, by understanding the UAE visa cost for Vietnamese citizens.


In the end, the UAE visa requirements for Vietnam citizens open a door to explore the beauty of this vibrant nation. While completing the complexities of the visa process may originally seem tricky, with a Dubai Tour Visa, you can confidently venture on your journey. Yet, if you visit the bustling roads of the UAE, or immerse yourself in the cultural richness of the UAE, this city delivers a wide range of experiences for Vietnam visitors. To ensure a seamless process, reach out to Dubai Tour Visa, and ensure adherence to the prescribed guidelines, collection of all necessary documentation, and staying updated on any changes in visa regulations.

By doing all these things, you will be well-prepared to maximize your time in the UAE, make long-lasting memories, and get the amazing opportunities delivered by this amazing country.

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